Youth’s Active Participation in Fighting Against Environmental Degradation

Historically, activism has played a crucial role in advancing social rights. Activists have championed advocacies aimed at improving living conditions—whether social, economic, or political. In recent years, the involvement of young people in environmental advocacy has gained significant attention, spurred by the rise of prominent movements and initiatives led by youth, serving as a source of inspiration. Their protests are justified as people worldwide experience the impacts of escalating environmental degradation, threatening biodiversity, ecosystems, and human well-being. Today, the pivotal role of youth in addressing this pressing issue comes sharply into focus amidst the backdrop of escalating environmental challenges.

El Niño: Managing our carbon footprint in the Philippines

With increasingly concerning high temperatures, reaching an average heat index of 40°C/104°F and above in April, it’s imperative that we begin managing our carbon footprint to gradually heal our environment. PAGASA warns that temperatures will rise to dangerous levels in May, exacerbated by the El Niño phenomenon, which also affects the Philippines. But what exactly is El Niño?

The Dual Nature of Automated Content

In the era of rapid technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force across various industries. Today it assists individuals in actualizing their creative thoughts and crafting their outputs. Particularly, it has been utilized in content creation, whether for academic, business, or entertainment purposes. 

Nurturing Sustainable Leadership

As a young adult navigating the complexities of sustainability in a world driven by distractions and temptations, I have come to realize the increasing importance of sustainable leadership. Sustainable leadership is more than a fleeting trend; it is a necessary mindset and approach that can shape our future for the better. Sustainable leaders possess a unique set of psychological traits and skills that empower them to make effective decisions for the long-term well-being of our planet, and future generations.

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