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The Problem

Despite the presence of more than four million NGOs in South Asia and Southeast Asia, these regions continue encountering great developmental challenges. The NGOs that were envisioned to solve these challenges end up either not creating the desired impact or worsening the existing situation. This is due to the fact that they’re ill-equipped to function effectively. Limited financial sustainability, lack of project management skills, poor organizational structure, lack of access to information and networks—these are only a few of the many challenges that NGOs face. 

As a result, they fail to perform as an organization as well as to nurture the young students and professionals who join them. With social and political engagement rising among the youth, many of them eagerly enter the development sector to pursue careers that can generate financial returns and the satisfaction of doing social good. However, with NGOs in below-par condition, these young people can neither utilize their skills nor learn anything new.

Our Vision

As a leading development organization in Asia, Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) empowers communities to make them resilient to social, economic, and environmental challenges. ASSIST has created lasting and sustainable impact in the areas of private sector development, energy and natural resources, agriculture and rural development, and human development. After years of ideating, executing, and experimenting, the organization has proven that one of its notable strengths is capacity-building. 

Called ASSIST Development Media, this ecosystem features the most up-to-date, relevant, and accessible tools and information for stakeholders in the development sector. The ecosystem aims to enhance the development sector by capacitating NGOs, working professionals, and students through two pathways: AsianNGO and iMPACT.
The first component of the ecosystem is AsianNGO.

Despite the presence of more than four million NGOs in South Asia and Southeast Asia, countries in these regions continue to face grave developmental challenges. The NGOs that claim to address these challenges end up either creating only a minuscule difference or worsening the situation. 

Although established with noble intentions, the ability of the welfare organizations to realize their goals is often half justified. This is due to hurdles, like financial unsustainability, improper project management, lack of networking opportunities, and more.

To help nonprofit organizations overcome these barriers, the AsianNGO web portal provides a single point of access to crucial information on funding opportunities, events, and partners. Through these features, NGOs can diversify their sources of funding, attend events to augment their knowledge in the field, and find partnerships of value. There is also an AsianNGO Academy, featuring online, certified courses through which the organizations can upskill themselves. 

The larger mission of the AsianNGO is to strengthen the capacity of various development organizations like NGOs, Social Enterprises, Academic Institutions, etc., to fulfill their own developmental visions. 
The objective of iMPACT is to create an exclusive information hub for the development sector, that provides users with latest innovations, best practices, case studies, research, and also career guidance to young agents of change. Relatively, iMPACT provides a more streamlined influence that targets development sector individuals, ranging from corporate and nonprofit leaders to students and fresh graduates.

iMPACT features a quarterly magazine with thought-provoking articles, learning resources for individuals in the form of bite-sized knowledge assets, and a set of external resources curated to align with skills essential for nonprofits like, project management, fundraising, online and digital marketing, financial management, etc.
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