What is Project Shiksha?

Project Shiksha works as a social ed-tech in collaboration with grassroot NGOs and government schools helping them get access to tech learning & 21st century skills. We believe in bridging education gaps and facilitating tech learning opportunities for the last mile thereby preparing them for the tech driven future. We in our research through assessment reports of students have seen an overall increase in student’s attendance, academic performance and tech knowledge.

Ms. Neha Chawla, the Founder & Director of Project Shiksha is a corporate veteran who started this organization addressing the challenges of bridging education gaps for the last mile communities.  

Project Shiksha has launched Digital Shiksha Mission through which it is empowering grassroot NGOs and government schools to gain access to technology learning and dream of better employment opportunities.

Under this initiative, Project Shiksha aims to set up 40 computer labs in collaboration with Government schools and NGOs PAN India before the end of 2025.

What challenges does the Digital Shiksha Mission aim to resolve and Why?

Access to technology and STEM Education is vital to prepare the children and adolescents for the future. To break out of poverty, become financially independent, and truly level the playing field, Project Shiksha encourages students to get access to tech learning by setting up the computer labs and helping the last mile students embrace technology.

Engaging them in a 3-year intervention program as this lays the foundation for quality education. We have worked on a structured curriculum which is designed for both students and teachers for a sustainable impact.

The word “Digitalization” has a different meaning for the mainstream & the marginalized communities. Access to digital tools has been a major challenge in terms of the large capital cost and the operational  investment in teacher’s training/ employing trainers for a sustainable impact.

  • Project Shiksha’s Digital Shiksha mission helps the last mile students get access to tech learning by taking the responsibility of this journey right from systems procurement, lab setup to curriculum design and intermittent assessments of the students to track progress of the program.
  • With our mission of “Helping them embrace technology and not be fearful to use Technology”, we are glad to bring digital smiles through our program and inspire not just students but also teachers to ask for help and not be hesitant to use technology.
  • There are many new changes brought at the school & their perspective towards education. All this has been possible because of the access to technology. Students now are envisioning to be Coders/Tech-enthusiasts & dreaming of better employment opportunities. This has also led to an overall positive impact in their academic performance as well.

Project Shiksha Centers and Impact-

Project Shiksha currently has  4 centers across Jharkhand and Karnataka. These are the cities in which you will find Project Shiksha Digital labs-

  1. Ranchi, Jharkhand
  2. Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
  3. Whitefield, Bangalore
  4. Haralur, Bangalore

We have reached out to 400+ last mile students with the idea of helping them learn technology, to inculcate a positive mindset and widen their horizon of imagination. This shows in their active participation during sessions and engagement groups and thereby increasing the overall academic performance. Digital access & training has led to increased confidence of teaching staff at the centres. This in turn will lead to less attrition in the future.

Digital Smiles Campaign & Partnership with Amazon India

We are grateful to our CSR partner, Amazon India for helping us bring Digital Smiles and supporting the recent launch of 2 computer centres at Bangalore. 

Project Shiksha believes in empowering Grassroot NGOs and government schools through technology access and we are excited to work with such CSR partners helping us build the Digital Shiksha of the Real India.

To know more about our work and impact, reach out to us at [email protected] or whatsapp at +91 96110 11106 for more details.

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