Cargo Padala Express 12th Year Anniversary Tree Planting 

Cargo Padala Express 12th Year Anniversary Tree Planting 

Cargo Padala Express, a logistics and cargo freight forwarding company, commemorated its 12th anniversary by amplifying the call for action on environmental stewardship. Adhering to their commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 13 (climate action) and 16 (life on land), and mobilizing a team of 30 volunteers, CaPEx (Cargo Padala Express) successfully planted bamboo trees in the La Mesa DENR Nursery on August 14, 2023. Led by Ms. Gerly Gianan, this tree-planting endeavor stands as the company’s first and largest activity for the year. Stemming from their mission to protect the environment and ensure its sustainability, this initiative serves as a foundational step to educate volunteers about the importance and impact of tree planting. 

Such accomplishments would not have been possible without the support and expertise shared by the representatives from the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR). Indeed, as more individuals participate in efforts like these, they evolve beyond mere activities. They become memories, lessons, and foundational steps towards a greener future. Several partners of CaPEx have also contributed to the success of this initiative. The event was co-represented by A3SS Trucking Services, Alphacon Logistics International Corp., QFORTE Employment Services, the Rotary Club of Kamuning, and RRK & J Movers. It was also supported by Fortune One Logistics Services and Pepen Enterprises. Special appreciation is extended to 4L and G Auto Parts Supply, JNJ Printing Services, Koinonia Gift Shop, Masterseal Corporation, Sun Life, and Weitex Scale Industries. 

The activity fostered camaraderie, excitement, and fulfillment among all participants, highlighting that tree planting is not just a simple task; it carries significant responsibility, urging each volunteer to drive change by igniting a passion for environmental consciousness. Ms. Mayjane Bodino, the general manager of CaPEx, anticipates similar events in the upcoming years. 

Starting with the humble aim of planting trees, the endeavor has evolved into a lifelong mission to champion environmental care and act as a catalyst for a sustainable environment.

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