Transformation Summit Addresses Crucial Role of Digital CFOs

Transformation Summit Addresses Crucial Role of Digital CFOs and Chief Risk Officers in Navigating Evolving Business Landscape

 In response to the dynamic shifts in the business landscape driven by technological advancements and global uncertainties, Trueventus announces the Digital CFO and Chief Risk Officer Summit. This summit aims to provide valuable insights and strategies for finance and risk professionals to steer their organizations towards successful digital transformation and emerge stronger amidst challenges. 

In recent years, the roles of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Risk Officers  (CROs) have undergone significant evolution. Technological advancements and the  increasing importance of data-driven decision-making have elevated the stature of CFOs, positioning them as pivotal forces in ensuring the relevance of their companies. These digitally savvy CFOs, often referred to as “Digital CFOs,” possess  the capability to predict financial patterns in unprecedented ways, fundamentally  reshaping their roles and ushering in an era of strategic leadership and adaptability. 

Clayton Christensen, an academic from Harvard University, forecasts that “75% of the  current S&P 500 companies will likely be gone from the list by 2027,” emphasizing  the imperative for companies to adapt or perish in the face of digital frontiers. This  digital wave extends beyond the CFO’s realm, impacting all areas of business.  According to PwC’s report, 47% of CFOs prioritize building predictive models and  scenario analysis capabilities. 

In parallel, the role of Chief Risk Officers has never been more crucial, particularly in  today’s dynamic and unpredictable business terrain. With organizations contending  with enduring impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the prospect of a recession,  geopolitical uncertainties, and swiftly changing landscapes, precise and timely  management of risks has become a focal point. 

Innovations in AI and analytics play a pivotal role in recognizing and mitigating  potential threats to businesses. According to PwC, a notable 62% of risk personnel  acknowledge that shifts in technology and data policies are the primary drivers of  substantial changes in their businesses. Organizations must be ready to confront  emerging risks and the continually shifting demands and demographics of customers  to successfully navigate this new era. 

The Digital CFO and Chief Risk Officer Summit by Trueventus will address the  transformation journey of finance departments, providing risk professionals with  insights and strategies for future-ready risk management. C-Suite professionals can  engage with leading CFOs and CROs to effectively digitize their finance departments, 

navigate disruptions, and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing  business landscape. 

Join us for discussions on steering your organization towards successful digital  transformation and emerging stronger in the new business landscape at the Digital  CFO and Chief Risk Officer Summit by Trueventus. 

For more information and registration, visit 6J/view?usp=sharing

Published on May 20, 2024.
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