Past Issues


Development School In Focus

A page that elaborates on the different development schools and the courses they provide.

International Organization

Introductory description and details of work done and supported by International Organizations.


A compilation of news stories that concern the development and social sector.


A comprehensive summary of events across all themes in the development sector.

This Caught Our Eye

Interesting and eye catching stories in the development sector are featured in this section.

Partner for Progress

An internally written piece showcasing a possible Partner Organization/ Product / Service Provide for the Development Sector.

Management Tool in Simple Steps

Any management tool/ model that is helpful for Nonprofits and students, to improve their overall performance.

Photo Feature

This section showcases photo contributions that depict issues from different walks of life, most especially in the development sector.

In Review

Interesting books for professionals and students in the development sector. These could be subject/ theme oriented or experience based.

Student’s Corner

Special content for students regarding the world of work / career choices within the development sector


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iMPACT Magazine is a quarterly publication of Assistasia, a dedicated media for nonprofits, civil society, and socially focused and responsible businesses that features a wide range of news, trends, insights and best practices from some of the most influential minds in the development sector.
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