2024 CSR Conference and Expo in July Spotlights Innovation and Technology

2024 CSR Conference and Expo in July Spotlights Innovation and Technology in a New and Inclusive Future 

Manila, Philippines: Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) have emerged as transformative forces in the modern business landscape and promise significant benefits for early adopters, but they are not without disruptive impacts—including the possibility of disproportionately affecting more vulnerable members of society.  

The League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) is organizing the highly anticipated  2024 CSR EXPO to rally CSR practitioners to collaborate and harness the potential of technology and innovation while overcoming their risks. This year’s conference is on July 3 and 4 at Dusit Thani Manila, while the EXPO is on July 4 and 5 at the  Glorietta Activity Center, both in Makati City.  

Aptly themed “Reimagining a New and Inclusive Future”, this year’s Expo will bring together leaders, experts, and representatives of different industries to tackle significant topics ranging from how technology can enhance CSR practice and ESG  reporting to AI’s role as a catalyst for innovation and as a source of disruption. It will also feature small-group breakout sessions where attendees can gather new insights and tactics about how AI and other revolutionary technologies can be leveraged across such crucial areas as enterprise development, health,  environment, education, disaster resilience, arts and culture, and financial inclusion.  

This gathering of CSR experts will showcase the application of Corporate Social  Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting can help mitigate the challenges posed by technology. The sector aims to ensure that these technologies are inclusive and contribute to true societal and national development that benefits the 51% of Filipinos living in poverty. 

“Corporates should view these innovations as vital opportunities to take part in, if not lead an all-of-nation implementations of CSR and ESG that maximize these innovations’ potential and promise while offsetting and minimizing their potential ill effects,” said Shem Jose W. Garcia, LCF Vice-Chair and Executive Director, Vivant  Foundation, Inc. “These approaches must work to ensure that the application of  technology is aligned with the fundamental principles of CSR and ESG, and, by  doing so, made inclusive and contributes to social sustainability and the common  good.”  

Esteemed speakers across various spheres  

The 2024 CSR EXPO will connect an estimated 200 delegates with industry leaders in CSR, technology and innovation, and other areas, and serve as a venue for dynamic discussions and collaboration.  

The speaker lineup includes Keynote Speaker, Dr. David R. Hardoon, Chief Executive  Officer (CEO) of Aboitiz Data Innovation; Forum speakers: Leo de Velez, co-founder  of Frontlearners, Inc.; Sherwin Yap, founder of Kaizen Robotics International; and 

Sherlo Reyes, Director for the Center for Partnership & Development, School of  Deaf Education & Applied Studies at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.  

For the thematic sessions, speakers include Ted Monroy, country representative,  United Nations Industrial Development Organization; Dr. Alvin Marcelo, Philippine  Digital Health Strategy Technical Working Group, Department of Health; Dr. Chelsea  Elizabeth Samson, head of Strategy & Communications and head of Public Health and Policy, Ayala Healthcare Holdings Inc.; James Elrond B. Lagarde, Managing  Director, Geodata Systems Technologies, Inc.; Prof. Erika Fille T. Legara, Aboitiz chair in Data Science and Associate Professor, Asian Institute of Management; Hon.  Nolasco A. Mempin, Undersecretary for Administration, Department of Education;  Ms. Aprille P. Tijam, Associate Director and Head of Exhibitions and Collections,  Ayala Museum; Engr. Sergio Ramos III, president of PCI Innovations Tech Center;  and Esteban Masagca, Executive Director, People’s Disaster Risk Reduction Network.  

For the full list of speakers and sessions, please view the Conference Program at  bit.ly/2024CSRExpo  

Recognizing outstanding CSR initiatives  

In celebration of National CSR Week, LCF will award noteworthy examples of CSR  excellence concurrently with the Expo.  

LCF will announce the winners of the 2024 Guild Awards on the evening of July 3 at  Dusit Thani Manila. The yearly awards program honors exemplary CSR initiatives undertaken by LCF members.  

For the first time, the League will also be awarding the CSR Medal of Recognition to non-members to acknowledge the work and effort they provide in their respective communities. The Medal of Recognition celebrates the interventional activities of non-member corporates. This inaugural program will be held on July 5 at the  Glorietta.  

Upholding CSR and technology to the public  

Meanwhile, the Expo at the Glorietta Activity Center, which will be held from July 4  to 5, will showcase technology-themed CSR initiatives undertaken by LCF members and non-members alike for the general public.  

This year’s exhibitors are Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.; Coca-Cola Foundation  Philippines, Inc.; BPI Foundation, Inc.; Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation, Inc.;  Metrobank Foundation, Inc.; Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.; Metro Pacific Investment  Foundation, Inc.; Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, Inc.; Vivant Foundation, Inc.;  Manila Water Foundation, Inc.; Power 4 All, Inc.; Lopez Group Foundation, Inc.;  Energy Development Corporation; BDO Foundation, Inc.; San Miguel Foundation,  Inc.; Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Philippines, Inc.; Ayala Foundation,  Inc.; Don Antonio O. Floirendo Sr. Foundation, Inc.; East West Seed Foundation,  Inc.; Joy~Nostalg Foundation, Inc.; SM Foundation, Inc.; PCI Innovations Tech 

Center, Inc.; Frontlearners, Inc.; Rise Against Hunger Philippines; and Animal  Empathy Philippines.  

The Expo will also serve as a venue for the launch of LIFE, the League of Corporate  Foundations’ Initiative for Food Security, Nutrition, and Empowerment. LIFE is a  League-wide initiative working to halt stunting, wasting, and malnutrition while collaborating with like-minded groups and government agencies.  

Established in 1991, LCF is a network of operating and grant-making corporate and family foundations and corporations in the Philippines. The League has continued to be at the forefront of promoting and enhancing CSR practice among its members and the larger business community in the country. Visit the LCF homepage at  lcf.org.ph and the 2024 Conference and Expo microsite at bit.ly/2024CSRExpo.  

The 2024 CSR Conference and Expo is co-organized with Metro Pacific Investments  Foundation, Inc., and Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. It is also brought to you by  Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.; Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc.; Manila Water  Foundation, Inc.; Metrobank Foundation, Inc.; SM Foundation, Inc., Henry Sy  Foundation, Inc., and Felicidad T. Sy Foundation, Inc.; and Vivant Foundation, Inc. 

For more information please contact Chris Sanchez, LCF Communications Officer, at [email protected]

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